797,Industrial Area B, Ludhiana-141003, Punjab (INDIA)

Customer Service

We ensure error-free order placement and tracking services. The size and completeness of our packaging and warehousing enables us to handle any customer packaging requirement.

We work hard and fast to keep our customers satisfied. That means we meet delivery promise dates more than 95% of the time...even under the most stringent requirement.


Our managers are always accessible...customer relationships are marked by individualized service, flexibility and responsiveness. Independently owned for more than half a century, Kumar Industries has a strong history of providing superior products at competitive prices.

Pre-Engineering and Product Design

With a fully-staffed engineering department, Kumar Industires offers pre-engineering capabilities to assist customers in getting ideas into production and out to the marketplace as quickly as possible. Our experience-based knowledge enables us to troubleshoot design problems, offer valuable co-engineering assistance on new product designs and ensure the most cost effective manufacturing for optimum product value.

Packaging Capabilities

With our custom packaging capabilities we can handle any packaging requirement, including private labeling, bar-coding and just-in-time delivery.